We are a highly productive and sustainable food company offering value added solutions to our clients, driven by a great team!



Results oriented.

Work woth passion focus and efficiency.

Proactive family working as a world class team.

Apply structure, discipline and leadership every day.

Dedicated to continuos improvement.

Customer-centric structure.

Committed to our social responsabilities.


Co-Manufacturing and private label for shelf stable and frozen products.

  • Offer full range of solutions from ideation to recipe development to commercialization.
  • Internal labeling and regulatory review (USDA and FDA compliance).
  • Wide experience with new technologies and innovating our processes.
    Culinary and food science expertise.
  • Packaging solutions for on-trend speciality food categories.
  • Custom products developed and manufactured for our clients.
  • Shelf life of more than 2 years.
  • Clean Label Formulations: all natural, no preservatives, gluten free.


We are proud to have word-class clients throughout North America, Mexico and
around the world

Comal Foods

Shelf stable line of entrees


Warming Instructions

Keep the product in its original packaging and place at 32° F to 39° F until the product is completely defrosted (~24 hours before use).


Water Bath

Place product in pouch into HOT water (~ 195°F) for 30 minutes to heat evenly.

Combi Oven

Place product in pouch in a combi oven for 40 minutes (maximum 212° F) for 40 minutes to heat evenly.

Direct Heat

Pour contents of pouch into container. Warm on low heat until desired temperature is reached.

* Microwave Heating

Place pouch in the microwave for 3 minutes (time may vary based on power of your microwave and your desired final temperature of the product).


  • Shelf life of 12 months in carton pack and in freezing.
  • Keep frozen (-0.4°F).
  • Packaged in 4.4 lbs polythylene bag.
  • Packed in presentation of 40 pieces (cheese) / 25 pieces (Picadillo) in polyethylene bag.

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Don´t miss any deal, get new recipes.

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